Most wanted

'Most wanted' - brings to mind two kinds of people. One is the kind that has become synonymous with trouble and crimes and the other is the person of admiration and beauty, celebrities of some kind. People look out and scoot from the first and throng to get a glimpse of the other. 

On the contrary, what if I'm 'most wanted' by God? It sure doesn't  mean I'm going to die and become a rose in His garden. I wish it was that easy. I've come to realize or it has been literally written on my mind that being wanted by God is the beginning of a road less traveled and often deserted. Being wooed by God and His great love, we swim in this ocean of His great providence. I can picture a shepherd leading the sheep by the river of clear water and green pasture. But across the river starts a life that will shake us up until everything that has latched on us as a result of living life on our own, falls away. 

People of God who have been an inspiration of great devotion and faith have walked this path of loneliness and upstream swim. Right from Noah, Jacob, Joseph, Moses - they ran, were afraid, ridiculed, cheated and everything in between. And then it happened, God put them on a stage while they were yet weaklings before opening the doors of wisdom, power, wealth and every choicest blessing over them. 

If I am to be wanted by God, I better be prepared to be soaked, washed, wrung, dipped in cold and hot water and dried before being used by Him. It sure is not a red-carpet walk, but definitely of a greater and inconceivable worth. Romans 8:18 says 'For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not to be compared to the glory that is to be revealed in us.' Its not every man's calling to be used by God for His kingdom, but if you are chosen, saying No is not a clever answer.