Gift of Life

Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise you - Psalm 63:3

For the gift of life, for family,
For the choicest blessings that rest on me;
For love so pure that bears me up against all odds,
For grace and mercy that fall anew on me;
For strength and courage that walked me through the darkest nights,
For patience and loving kindness that never gave up on me;

For wisdom that made simple every struggle,
For trials and tribulations that made me stronger;
For every storm and every ray of hope;
For all the prayers answered, my faith deeper.
For every victory, your banner hoisted over me,
For breath on my nostrils and for every beat of my heart I thank you Father.
I wouldn’t have made it through yet another year without YOU by my side, Your very presence ever around me every second of my life.
    - Betty Joseph