To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you (Lewis B Smedes).
When you realise your mistakes, repent of them and move on with your life, you expect that life gets easier. You wish!! Actually it doesn’t. Unfortunately we live in a world that tries to memory jog God. We’re surrounded by holier than thou saints who think they know better. Once bitten twice shy is the mantra of the so called wise and non-erring people around. So are you going to be welcomed back with arms wide open and a heart that loves like nothing ever happened? Not at all. It’s a lonely road out there, people will watch you with magnified glasses. But wait a minute. We don’t have to beat ourselves up over it and succumb to the pressure that mounts up in our head and give in to the voice that says, ‘I could have continued being the person I was, what’s the point now?’ Read on.
We have a God who says, “As far as the east is from the west, so far have I (has he) removed your (our) transgressions from you (Ps 103:2).” The slate is wiped clean and we’re truly given a chance at a new beginning. Love keeps no record of wrongs. And God is love. What happens to the consequences of our mistakes? We might have to face them but grace carries us through. The love of God and the peace that passes all understanding gives us the strength to go on and hold on to what becomes the anchor to which we can safely tie our lives to.
When we err in our conduct or behavior, in the eyes of people we fall from the pedestal they put us on. And next time, they’re not going to put us back there because we have in effect fallen short of expectations. Our actions are never reversible but one day at a time with God we can walk ten extra miles and still keep going. And during the course of time, the witness to our life comes chasing us and this time, it would be from God himself and no man can refute it. It is this prize that we need to fix our eyes on.
People change their opinion of fellow men as easily as changing a sock. So why waste time striving for acceptance from mere men? With a steadfast heart and a mind that’s fixed on the one whose opinion matters, walking this road of loneliness becomes bearable.  On a lighter note, I’ve heard it said, ‘Good people don’t go to heaven, forgiven people do.’ And hey when it’s your turn, forgive easily for you know that being condemned is crushing and that forgiveness is liberating.