Do your best. Really?

How we all love attention? It seems to romance and elude even the most strong willed. After all we are just putting our God given talents to best use and enjoying the limelight. But little do we realize that in the zeal to fulfil our purpose and achieve dreams and plans, we end occupying a lot of space and losing peace along the way.

That’s what happened with me. I was lost in doing things my way and ended up slogging and wasting all my energy trying to make things happen and keep it going. God ends up being GOD, revered and set aside for Greater things of life. Not that I set Him aside for Sundays. I sought God’s will for me and His plans concerning me. I did and strived to do everything right, but I’ve come to realize that God’s will for me also included that He do things for me rather than me struggling on my own. I needed to step aside and give God the place that was originally His. By giving it back to Him, I was acknowledging His Lordship over me. ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ now became more meaningful. His Kingdom needs to established within the walls of my heart and boundaries of my life.

All along I thought the verse ‘I have engraved you in the palm of my hand’ (Isaiah 49:16) only talks about His loving care but today it takes a whole new meaning in my life. To be engraved in the palm of His hands also points to being submissive and contained in His power. We need to let go completely and this is not easy. We are always taught to do our best and allow God to do the blessing part. But thank God for His loving grace, He says, ‘You step back and I (I am) will do it for you. Just let ME.’

It doesn’t come naturally to ‘be still’. However being still does not mean, doing nothing. The heart needs to be quietened. It is in this stillness of the mind and heart that God begins His work of construction. ‘Except the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain who build it; except the Lord keeps the city, the watchman wakes but in vain.’ Psalm 127:1

Letting go has never been this profitable!