Are you forgetting someone?

We all have our own favourite people, those who have a special place in our hearts and lives. And I'm sure that we've also been recipients of this undue attention. But  have you ever noticed that most often, if not always, these special people are the ones who are most neglected? The 'special to me' tag actually puts them in a nonetheless special corner of our heart and lives that we rarely re-visit. 

How many times have we ever taken the time to talk to this special person? In fact the most mundane and strategic relationships of our lives take up most of our time and attention. I recently read a quote on The Idealist that says 'It all comes down to the last person you think at night. That's where your heart is'. Don't we all live in a time when everyone in our Whatsapp and Fb are the last ones we think or talk to before dozing off? Not to forget, in some worst cases it's our bosses and clients! But they are never the special ones in all honesty! Or are they? 

I'm someone's best friend, special friend to another, 'you mean a lot to me friend' , 'no one can take your place friend' and many more titles. But how often do I hear from them?? On my birthday, definitely! Does it hurt me? Yes! But can I complain? No, because I'm guilty of the same charge. 

Our love and like are interchanged, our handshake is replaced with a hug and we've all become Chief Strategy Officers! And those truly special people who care about us are placed strategically on a pedestal. I guess and it is only fitting that we bring them down to our daily lives more often rather than polish them for shine just when they are about to lose lustre! 

Who matters the most to you - the last one you think about before sleeping or the one who forget to think about?